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 Life Cycle Assessment in building sector (new and rehabilitation)


- Sustainable innovation by business sector -

Intermediate level

E+/C- experimentation started on 2016 and feedbacks are available since 2017. This session will focus on environmental footprint of building with study cases and talk about:
- What are the questions and challenges related to this methodologie, particularly on carbon indicator?
- What are the concrete solutions to conciliate positive energy and carbon reduction? 
- How can LCA be included into BIM (Building Information Modeling) during building's conception?
- How can it meet the demands of the experimentation requirements?

This session also aims to demonstrate how LCA helps choosing the best end-of-life scenario for our buildings, through study cases or research works; 
- What impact do the lifetimes of buildings have on their environmental impacts?
- In which case is it better to deconstruct and rebuild than to rehabilitate?
- The circular economy to help the waste building management? 



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