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The European actors of the LCA: 






JRC Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES)


Scientific institute of the common Center of research (JRC) for the European Commission.


DG ENVIRONMENT European Commission


Unit C.1. Production and Sustainable consumption.




Unit B.1. Sustainable industrial policy and construction.


European Environment agency


Unit IEA3. Production and consommationdurable + waste.


European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)


Tool allowing companies and organizations to estimate and to improve their environmental performances.


Cluster CREER


Group of companies of several sectors developing a research in the field of the sustainable development and more particularly in eco-design and in waste recycling.


EUROPEN ( European Organization for Packaging and the Environment)


Represent the industry of the packaging and the environment.


Plastics Europe


Represent the industry of the plastic in Europe (except bioplastic).


ENEC (European Network of Ecodesign Centres)


Platform of information exchange, experiences and best practice in the field of the eco-design.


ECEEE (European Council for Energy Efficient Economy)


Promotion of the energy éfficacité and the eco-design at the European level.


Permanent representation of France with the European Union


Unit Environment

Ministry of the Ecology and the Sustainable development

The day before has the integration of the objectives of sustainable development as regards the management of spaces, natural resources and town and country planning. Prepares and implements the public politics regarding ecology. Coordinate the actions led in the field of the environment.


ADEME (Ministry of environment and energy)


Manage the operations having for object the environmental protection and the control of the energy.


Score LCA


Association which aims at promoting and at organizing a collaboration between various bodies to favor THE ACV and its application.

LCA to go


Development of a box with Internet tools with the aim of encouraging the appeal to the ACV in SME(small and medium-sized enterprise).


ENSLIC (Energy Saving through Promotion of Life Cycle Assessment in Buildings)


Promote the use of techniques ACV in the design and the renovation of buildings

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