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Single Market for Green Products Initiative


             According to a recent study by the European Commission (No. 367), only half of consumers find easy to distinguish "green products" from other products, and only half of them trust producers about the environmental performance of their products. The study shows also that 69% of the European consumers want a report on their performance. 

To answer this willing, the European Council asked the European Commission to develop a harmonized approach for "green products" legislation at European level. They decided to set up a European three-year experiment to propose later a legislation through the development of sectoral standards (PCR Product Category Rules) European for "green" products.

As there was no harmonized approach until this day, some European State members have started to develop their own initiatives, including France with his experiments on environmental labeling. The work already done by the members of the Working Groups French Sector can serve to promote the French work at European level.
The first call to pilot the environmental footprint by product type is open until 26 July 2013. It covers all sectors except the food sector which will be affected by another call, probably early 2014.


Evolution Single Market for Green Product

Evolution in time of the European experiment (European Commission) 


             89% of EU citizens are convinced that the purchase of "green products" induces a positive improvement for the environment. The current challenge is to improve the availability of clear, reliable and comparable information on the environmental performances of products and organizations to promote their consumption compare to other products.


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