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4 winners for the 3rd annual [avniR] ecodesign award 100% dedicated to Life Cycle Management!


ecodesign contest

This year, more than 20 applications were submitted for the 3rd [avniR] ecodesign awards. Our jury of eight economic, environmental, design and academic experts narrowed down the competition to six finalists and the four winners were announced on December 11 in Lille during the Annual Sustainable Development and Enterprise Days (JADDE). 

-- SME Category (including microenterprises) -- 


Jean Bouteille: a simple, hygienic and secure solution to consume liquid food products with minimal waste. 

 Jean Bouteille
"Our returnable bottle is 20% heavier than a single use bottle, but is stronger and more durable. 
Since it can be reused 25 times, it requires about 21 times less raw material extraction! "
Gérard Bellet, Founder and Manager of North RCube


Jean Bouteille offers an environmentally friendly and innovative solution for liquid food sales in bulk in returnable bottles. Self-service bottling facilities are installed in food stores to sell oils, vinegars and wines in bulk, providing a clean, secure and easy to use solution for the customer. The customer takes a new bottle for each purchase, returning the used bottle from the last purchase for washing. This project is at the heart of functional economy models: the consumer buys only the essential content, not the container.
Tillieux Menuiserie: Tep Tip Reawin window, an innovative solution for insulating window that keeps the architectural character of the building.   
 Tillieux menuiserie  
 "When we started the production of ecodesigned models in 2010, they accounted for about 20% of our business. 
Today they represent 60 to 70%!"
Viviane Tillieux, Business Manager at Tillieux Menuiserie
The TIP TEP system, innovation patented by Tillieux Menuiserie, allows high performance windows to be fitted into older buildings step by step without creating a thermal bridge. The link between insulating walls and windows is already in place and the internal wall insulation can be carried out later. The REAWIN windows can be taken apart for 100% recycling, and are made with locally supplied materials: choice of French and regional wood. 

-- Large Company Category --

Castorama, the Infinite benchtop developed using a circular approach to integrate stakeholders in the design process and improve the life span of the product.  
"Kingfisher has set a target figure: marketing 1000 projects oriented circular economy in 2020."
Christophe Guyader,
director of materials development in Kingfisher materials
This kitchen and bathroom benchtop is composed of 90% recycled materials from used products (composite wood), preserving natural resources. The Infinite benchtop offers a potential for processing 2,500t of waste into lighter raw materials, just as strong as chipboard worktops. 
CCP composites, the SaintLuc lounge chair made of flax fiber and bio-sources resin composite Enviroguard®; the result of a collaborative ecodesign approach based on Life Cycle Analysis.
 CCP Composites  
"We will never cease to bring new solutions beneficial to both our customers and our planet."
Jonathan Brunette, Sustainable Development Manager
By replacing the standard fiberglass resin in the hull of the chair with a bio-sourced resin composite, CCP composites reduced the greenhouse gas emissions by 31% across the life cycle of the beautiful SaintLuc lounge chair.  
What are the prizes for winners?
In addition to the ecodesigned trophy awarded at the ceremony, the winners also receive:
• an AFAQ ecodesign evaluation
• training on communication on their eco-design approach,
• profiling of their product and actions by partners, including a 3 minute promotional video detailing their approach
 The 2014 [avniR] ecodesign award ceremony at JADDE on 11 December in Lille.
With the emergence of new business models, ecodesign based on Life Cycle Analysis is a key tool for innovative and resilient businesses. The organisers of the [avniR] ecodesign award seek to raise awareness and stimulate ecodesign approaches in companies and also to showcase the expertise and innovation of its businesses in eco-design.
The [avniR] ecodesign award is organised by the cd2e's [avniR] platform and CCI Grand Lille, with the support of the Regional Council of Nord-Pas de Calais and the regional delegation of ADEME.



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