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 - New approaches around Life Cycle Thinking -

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The objectives of this session are :
- To present the advantages of collaborative LCA networks, including SCORE LCA, to improve LCA practice
- To present results of some SCORE LCA’s studies and the perspective to be considered in these fields
- To exchange some viewpoints on subjects tackled by SCORE LCA, integrating some presentations of external study focusing on the themes proposed below. 

The themes addressed in this session could be:
- Benefits of Francophone LCA networks and their interaction
- Monetary valuation and the standardisation works dealing with environmental costs and benefits
- The link between LCA and eco-design
- Role of planetary boundaries and LCA in business strategy
- Environmental impacts of metals and material issues of energy transition : Debate around 3 ongoing SCORE LCA’s studies



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Deadline : June 15th, 2018 - Extension to June 29



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