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Feedback from two days of [avniR] conference 


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Thursday 3rd November


Keynote sessions:




Friday 4 November






Opening of the LCA conference

  • Christian Traisnel, Director of the cd2e (Video FR)
  • Jean François Caron, President of the cd2e
  • Bruno Frimat, Joint Director of ADEME Nord-Pas de Calais
  • Emmanuel Cau, Vice-president of the Nord-Pas de Calais Regional Council

LCA applications, impacts and trends in the economy and public policies

Communication of environmental data: how to influence consumer choice? Perspectives and experiences from France and abroad on environmental labelling 

L.C.A as a driver of improvement, innovation and communication: from evaluation to labelling , via eco-design

L.C.A ath the service of vehicule ecodesign 

Why and how to measure the environmental impact of packaging products?

L.C.A and waste management, decision-making tool for public authorities


LCA Tools and methods adapted to the textile sector

L.C.A and business strategy, examples from textile companies

Food and Beverages

L.C.A in the food & beverages sectors: examples in the context of environmental labelling

Work in progress and methodological challenges for aquatic products 


Building and Construction

LCA of materials and products: Tools for evaluation and decision-making

L.C.A of buildings: Tools and methods to measure impact during construction, use and end of life

Initiatives to support SMEs in their Life Cycle Approaches

Helping SMEs at a sector level

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