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Chief of Sustainable Lifestyles, Cities and Industry branch, UNEP



An economist specialized in systemic and prospective analysis, Arab Hoballah has been strongly advocating for more than 20 years that there could be no sustainable development without sustainable consumption and production, and multi-stakeholders partnerships, involving all categories of actors, government officials, cities managers, business and industry and civil society. Arab Hoballah serves as UNEP Chief of Sustainable Lifestyles, Cities and Industry, for Delivering SCP, as from January 2015; since October 2005, he was Chief of Sustainable Consumption and Production/SCP.
He advocates for mainstreaming Resource Efficiency and SCP policies at all levels, in particular through responsible industry and cities management. He has launched and supervises various Initiatives and Partnerships (buildings, tourism, cities). Arab was actively involved in Rio+20 resulting in the adoption of the 10 Year Framework of Programmes on SCP, as well as in the preparation of the SDGs resulting in the adoption of the stand-alone SDG on SCP, SDG12.


Hugo-Maria SCHALLY
Head of Unit, Directorate General " Environment ", " Eco-innovation and circular economy" at European Commission

Dr Hugo-Maria SCHALLY Commission Européenne

Commission europeenne

After working for UNDP, the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna Dr. Hugo-Maria Schally joined the European Commission in 1998 and has been Head of Unit in the Directorates General "External relations", "Development" and "Environment".
Currently he is head of unit in the Directorate General "Environment" of the European Commission dealing with "Sustainable Production, Products and Consumption". In this function he is entrusted with the coordination of the follow up to the new EU package on "Circular Economy" and the development and implementation of a number of EU policies and instruments in support of the transition to a circular economy.


Senior Sustainability Specialist at Lifecycles, Australia

Jodie BricoutLifeCyclesJodie has 15 years' experience in corporate sustainability, life cycle thinking and the circular economy. She recently returned to Australia after 12 years in France, where she was responsible for circular economy at the cd2e. This built on her previous role developing the collaborative Life Cycle Platform [avniR], working closely with industry, research and public authorities in Northern France and internationally.
Jodie now works with Australia's leading LCA consultancy lifecycles, enabling clients to understand the science so they can make informed decisions. She recently led an interdisciplinary team to evaluate the economic and environmental benefits of South Australia transitioning towards a circular economy.
Jodie is passionate about integrating environmental performance into business strategy, making new sustainable business models a reality and effectively communicating complex stuff.


Founder of Pré, The Netherlands

Mark	GOEDKOOP	PRé Consultants bvPresconsultant

As founder of PRé, Mark Goedkoop has pioneered the upcoming field of LCA and Ecodesign since 1990, and initiated several important developments, such as the development of the Eco-indicator and ReCiPe methodology, and the development and marketing of the world most widely used SimaPro LCA software. Mark has also initiated the Product Social Impact Roundtable, that expands life cycle assessment to the social impacts of a product.



Speakers and moderators


Jean-Marie ALAN
Senior scientist at Altran Research
Jean Marie ALAN


Alan JEAN-MARIE earned his Ph.D. thanks to an industrial convention between IFPEN and Lille 1 university in 2010. His work focused on the Fischer-Tropsch catalysts allowing for example, to produce biofuels from lignocellulosic waste (2nd generation pathway). Since 2011, he's working in the scientific direction of Altran Research, intern research department of Altran, where he coordinates some R&I projects in the field of energy and industry of future. It also works on subjects around of the assessment of the sustainability of the production of plastic materials (bio-sourced or not) and their recycling.




Associate Professor, Design at School of Engineering, London South Bank University, England


London South Bank University

 Deborah has been involved in research into sustainable design and manufacture for over 20 years; her PhD was in the Life Cycle Assessment and design of battery electric and hybrid vehicles since when she has specialised in LCA and the Circular Economy. She has worked with industry developing sustainable design strategies, impact assessment tools and on projects ranging in size from programmable thermostatic radiator valves to data centres. She also teaches under and post-graduate design and engineering students and supervises PhDs in sustainable design, manufacture and user behaviour. 



Account Manager, Hop Cube, France  

Rachel Arnould


Rachel Arnould has over 6 years' experience in designing and monitoring collaborative web platforms dedicated to the environment.
She has a triple competence: IT, environment and UX design.
Co-author of several publications in the field of environmental communication, Rachel regularly presents her work in the context of environmental labelling. She works in France and abroad to help businesses better promote their environmental data.
She holds a Professional Master in Sustainability, Environmental Management and Geomatics and has a Master in Environmental Economics.


Quentin BEZIER 
LCA and eco-innovation consultant

Quentin BezierGingko 21Quentin holds an advanced master's degree in ecodesign from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (ENSAM, Institut de Chambéry, France) and a master's degree in industrial design from the École de design Nantes Atlantique (Nantes, France). He works with Gingko 21, accompanying various companies in their transition to circular economy. In this context, he participates in various projects dealing with LCA, ecodesign, innovation and industrial ecology.



Joachim Boissy
LCA consultant, Agro-Transfert Ressources et Territoires, France

Joachim BoissyAgro-Transfert Ressources et TerritoiresJoachim Boissy is graduate of the Master II "Sustainable Agricultural Development" at the University Paris-Sud. He is consultant at Agro-Transfert Resources and Territories since 2010. He is responsible for the implementation and development of LCA in agricultural systems. He implements sustainability assessment methods in farms and industries in several R&D projects.

Sustainable construction consultant at cd2e, France


cd2eMarie is responsible for the BUILD'[avniR] dynamic and database of eco-materials and activities related to eco-construction in the cd2e. She is in charge of the design and development of the online tool CAP'EM that allow end users to calculate and compare the environmental impacts of construction products delivered to their site. This tool will is available free on the web.




Research engineer and PhD candidate, Laboratoire Ville Mobilité Transport, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

Anne de BORTOLIEcole des ponts Mine Paris TechAnne got her engineering degree with a specialization in transportation and urban planning in 2012, and a Master of Research in sustainable urban development in 2013. She started working as a research engineer in 2013, to develop methodologies to assess transportation systems, on environmental, social and economic criteria, in order to support decision-making. She is particularly involved in Life Cycle Assessment methods for transportation modes and projects. She also focuses on road maintenance for policies optimization by doing a PhD she started in October 2014. Her work is sponsored by the industrial chair ParisTech-Vinci "Eco-design of buildings and infrastructures".


 European Commission

An De SchryverAn DCommission européennee Schryver has a MSc degree in Environmental Biology from the Free University of Brussels (VUB, Belgium) and a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from the Radboud University of Nijmegen (RUN, The Netherlands). Her academic research focused on Life Cycle Impact Assessment development and uncertainties derived from value choices in impact modelling. She has been working as environmental LCA expert and project manager within consultancy and the Belgium beverage company Spadel. An De Schryver joined the European Commission mid-2015 and has been part of the Environmental footprint team since then. In this function she supports a number of pilots and is concerned with technical aspects of the environmental footprint pilot phase.


Christian DU TERTRE
Professor and Vice-President, University of Paris Diderot - Paris 7, France

Christian Du tertre   Paris diderot 






Professor, UMET, University of Lille 1, France


 Sophie Duquesne got her PhD from collaboration between the University of Lille (France) and the University of Torino (Italy) in 2001. She then joined Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de as a lecturer, and since 2009 is serving in the position of professor. Her research interests concern the processing of flame-retarded materials including thermoplastics, elastomers, composites and textiles as well as the development of fire protective coating. In particular, she investigates the intumescent process. More recently, she investigates the recycling processes of polymeric waste including mechanical recycling, pyrolysis and the life cycle assessment.



Professor in Industrial Engineering at the Université de Technologie de Compiègne France

Benoit EynardUTC

Dr Benoît Eynard is currently working as a Full Professor in Industrial Engineering at the Université de Technologie de Compiègne - UTC, France. In 2007, he has joined UTC for leading the Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering until 2012. He is also member of the UMR CNRS/UTC 7337 Roberval and responsible of research team in industrial engineering. Previously, he was Assistant Professor at the Université de Technologie de Troyes where he managed the MSc program on Information Technology for Mechanical Engineering.
Since 2013, he is general chairman of the academic group of French Society of Mechanical Engineering (AFM) dealing with Factories of the Future: integrated design and advanced manufacturing also known as AIP-PRIMECA network.
He is also member of the IFIP Working Group 5.1. entitled "Global Product development for the whole life-cycle" and of the Design Society.
In 1999, he obtained a PhD on Computer-Integrated Manufacturing from the University of Bordeaux. Now, he is a recognised researcher in product lifecycle management, collaborative design, systems engineering, mechatronic design, digital factory, manufacturing process management, eco-design and sustainable manufacturing. He has published over 50 papers of international journals and 150 international conferences. He also has been guest editor for 10 journal special issues and academic books.


Andreas GENEST
ifu Hamburg GmbH, Deutshland

Andreas GENEST, ifu Hamburg GmbH ifu Hamburg GmbH

Andreas Genest graduated in energy and environmental engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology. Since 2011 he has been working for ifu Hamburg where he has been involved in several industrial and research projects on Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Product Declaration, Eco-Efficiency, Material Flow Cost Accounting and Resource Efficiency. Additionally he gives methodological training in the field of sustainable production as well as consulting, training and support for the software tools Umberto and e!Sankey. His engagement in European Projects like BalticFlows and BioRefine aims at integrating the Life Cycle Perspective into business areas where traditionally other assessment methods were used.


Julio Rémi,
Laboratoire de Chimie Agro-industrielle




Rémi Julio has a master degree in chemical engineering with a specialization in sustainability and environmental management at the ENSIACET in Toulouse (France). He performed Life Cycle Assessments for Assystem in the aeronautical field, especially to find environmentally-friendly substitutes for Halon 1301 and other extinguisher agents. Now, he works as a PhD student at the LCA (Laboratoire de Chimie Agro-industrielle) on coupling Life Cycle Assessment and process simulation to eco-design processes used in lignocellulosic and microalgae biorefineries. 




Angélique LEONARD
University of Liège, Belgium

Angélique LEONARD, Université de LiègeAngélique LEONARD, Université de LiègeSensitized longstanding environmental problems, Angélique Léonard sensed from his civil engineering studies chemist at the University of Liège (1998) as the treatment of sewage sludge would be a significant challenge. Author of a work end of studies on an industrial unit for drying sewage sludge, she continued her subject by devoting his PhD in Applied Sciences (2003). It is especially the first researcher in the world to have used the imaging technique X-ray microtomography to study the drying of deformable materials, including sewage sludge but also synthetic gels and food products.

She also developed other activities using the X-ray microtomography whether characterization of porous materials (dried bananas polymers or foams) or monitoring the adsorption of contaminants present in the gas phase on activated carbon filters.

Extractor successively FNRS (1998-2002), research engineer (2002-2003), scientific researcher of the FNRS (2003-2004), responsible for FNRS research (2004-2007), she spent a postdoc at the University of Bordeaux 1 (CNRS UMR 8508). It is since 2007 qualified FNRS researcher and an associate lecturer at the Applied Chemistry Department, Laboratory of Chemical Engineering Prof. Michel Crine at the University of Liège.


Ecodesign Specialist / Product Design, ALstom

Vanessa LHOPITAL AlstomAlstomVanessa Lhopital has a background in Energy and Thermal Engineering from INSA Lyon Engineering school (France), and has worked in space and automotive industries before joining Alstom in 2013. Since then, she has been working mostly on LCA, developing Product Environmental Profiles, and providing design recommendations for internally developed products. She is also in charge of training and advising suppliers for products developed on specifications, publishing joint environmental declarations.



Nikolay Minkov
Researcher at Technische Universität Berlin

Nikolay 	Minkov

Technische Universität BerlinNikolay Minkov is environmental engineer, holding a European MSc certificate in environmental protection and sustainable development from the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy - Sofia, Bulgaria, graduated in 2010. In the past, he worked as a sustainability consultant at the Bulgarian branch of the Austrian environmental and sustainability consultancy denkstatt GmbH. Presently, he is a researcher and a PhD candidate at the Chair of Sustainable Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. He is supervised by Prof. Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner and working in the area of applied LCA, environmental communication, Type III environmental labelling and PCRs.




Stéphane MOREL
Manager, Research and Advanced Engineering for Environment, Renault

Stephane MorelRenault 






Sustainable development Project manager at Agroé, France

Julien MOTTETAgroéJulien is a Sustainability Project Manager at Agroé, a Center of Excellence for the food industry. His fields of competence are Food Processing Analysis, Food Process Modeling, Life Cycle Thinking and Ecodesign and Perception on Sustainability.
In 2008, Julien graduated from SUPELEC (Gif-sur-Yvette, FRANCE), as a telecommunication engineer. After one year, working as a Data Scientist at Siemens Medical Solutions (Philadelphia, PA), he decided to gain skills in Food Science. He graduated from AgroParisTech in 2012. For the past years, he has worked as a PhD Student at AgroParisTech. His research subject is "Sustainability and Food Process Analysis".


Operational Manager at Bureau Veritas CODDE

Bureau Veritas CODDEProject Manager in Life Cycle Analysis at Bureau Veritas CODDE, Julie holds a process engineering degree from INPG. Julie ORGELET is now responsible for the management of the EIME LCA and ecodesign tool development.
Over the past five years at Bureau Veritas CODDE, Julie developed expertise in LCA and ecodesign for electrical and electronic products. In addition, she was also heavily involved in the implementation of tasks in preparation for the European ErP Directive on products related to energy consumption.
In addition, Julie is involved in the management, update and creation of LCI datasets included in the EIME database. As such, Julie was in charge of implementation of the first available ELCD database and of the integration of ILCD Handbook requirements within the EIME technical specification.


Professor and researcher at ENSAIT, France

Anne PERWUELZ ENSAIT EnsaitDr chemical engineer by training, Anne is a researcher at ENSAIT Roubaix since 1992. In 2008, she became responsible sustainable development ENSAIT and is expert of eco-design in the textile sector. Anne performs research in the laboratory GEMTEX (GEnie TEXtiles and Materials). His main research interests concern the surface treatment of textile materials. Since 2006 she is interested in LCA to describe the environmental impacts of textile products and optimize their processes. She is involved in several research projects involving LCA in partnership with textile companies and consulting firms.



Sustainability, Energy & Resources leader, IKEA

Yoann REGENTIkeaGraduated in Industrial Ecology from the Royal Institute of Technology of Stockholm, Yoann REGENT started his professional career at EPEA Hamburg working with the eco-effective Cradle-to-Cradle design approach. After several years working with renewable energies and sustainable management in Germany, Sweden, Spain and Denmark, Yoann joined IKEA France last year as Sustainability, Energy & Resources leader. He is responsible for the definition and implementation of the sustainability strategy at a national level and the execution of projects related to energy independence and circular economy.




Axel ROY
LCA and eco-design consultant, Bureau Veritas CODDE, France

Axel ROYBVCAxel Roy holds a chemical engineer degree. Specialised in Environmental Chemistry, he completed his education with a Master entitled " Chemical Engineering for the Energy and the Environment." As an LCA and eco-design consultant, Axel performs and manages LCAs' studies in the Electrical and Electronic, Construction and Textile products areas. He supports companies in their environmental approaches: environmental declarations (PEP, FDES, EN 15804, EPD), comparative LCAs, benchmarking, end of life declarations. Axel is also accredited FDES verifier. Finally, Axel conducts training courses and conferences in France and abroad.

Co-Founder and CFOO of the FSLCI
FSLCIPhilip is Co-Founder and CFOO of the FSLCI. He's also an independent consultant with vast experience in international sustainability projects focussing on natural resource management and life cycle thinking. He's been working with the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative and UNEP's International Resource Panel where he acted as the secretariat's focal point on metals. He's also been involved in the International Network of Product Sustainability Initiatives and has given trainings on LCA Database Management and Carbon Footprinting. He's also chairman of Policy Innovation e.V., a Berlin-based youth NGO. Philip holds a Master in Public and Private Environmental Management from FU Berlin and a Bachelor in Political Science from the University of Bremen.
Olivier TALON
 R&D Coordinator - Environmental Impact Unit chez Materia Nova, Belgium

Olivier TALON
Materia Nova

Dr. Olivier Talon specialized in the field of bio-based plastics since he joined Materia Nova R&D Centre (Mons) in 2006. In charge of YLCA - a business unit dedicated to environmental impact studies in R&D projects - since 2012, he is involved in many collaborative projects, among which FP7 programs InnoREX and BYEFOULING.



‎Eco-innovation consultant at Gingko 21, France

Hélène TEULON Gingko 21
Gingko 21Hélène Teulon, X84, PhD in Industrial Organization (Mines ParisTech), developed skills in LCA and ecodesign when working with Ecobilan from 1992 to 2002. She supervised the development of one of the first LCA software, and managed from Detroit (Michigan) the first LCA study of a complete car in the world. She founded Gingko 21 in 2005, to combine environmental measurement tools and innovation approaches. Gingko 21 supports companies in the transformation of their offer through eco-innovation. Gingko 21 is a partner of PE International, and distributes in France the LCA software GaBi. Hélène Teulon runs LCA critical reviews , and teaches at Ecole Polytechnique.


Expert LCA & sustainability

Mihaela THURING, Experte ACV et durabilité, VITOVito

 With an overall working experience of over 18 years, joined VITO team in 2012 as a researcher in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings. She has performed several LCA and EPD projects and participated in the development of PCRs. She is also actively involved in two PEF pilots of the EC, more specifically the pilot on hot and cold water piping systems used in buildings and the pilot on thermal insulation materials, doing 5 screening studies, 4 supporting studies and participating in the development of the PEFCR for piping systems. 




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